Rapid Weight Loss of Galaxy Star Chris Pratt

Rapid weight loss is something that we all want. The promise of quick results with less effort is always enticing. Looking good is associated with feeling good and a better self-esteem. We look at our fit friends and ask “why don’t I have a body like that.” Everywhere we see commercials of models with the type of physique we want. However, none inspire us more than the celebrities we look up to.

One of the many celebrities that shocked the world with an impressive rapid weight loss was Chris Pratt. He portrays Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, an American political sitcom. His body back then was not what one would call a superhero body.

But when he auditioned as the main character of Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy, he lost an insane 60 pounds in just six months in order to fit the superhero role. This was first revealed when Pratt posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram. Along with a set of six-pack abs, he wrote “Six months no beer #GOTG Kinda douchy to post this but my brother made me.”

Chris had full support from his brother, Cully, during his transformation into a physique that is worthy of a celestial superhero. He also worked with Duffy Gaver who would become his personal trainer. To make sure that Pratt was eating right, he consulted with nutritionist Phil Goglia. Marvel was responsible for the two to connect with Pratt.

Chris’ diet was drastically increased to about 4,000 calories per day. This along with plenty of water. As a result, he was peeing all day on a daily basis and he found this troublesome.

As for his workout, Chris went through multiple sports and exercise routines. He did boxing, kickboxing, running, swimming, triathlon, 90-day home fitness program, and much more. Chris also trained six days a week for his role in Jurassic World, a sequel to the Jurassic Park movie series.

He then went on to star in a series of other films featuring his chiseled body. The movies were The Magnificent Seven, Passengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

What Can We Learn From Chris Pratt Rapid Weight Loss Transformation?

chris pratt micheal rookerChris Pratt shared that it took three to four hours per day of consistent hard work to make his superhero body possible. Later when he was fit, he trained less. He would work out in the gym for an hour four days a week. Three to four hours may be too much for you but you don’t need to train for hours in the gym. The important thing here is consistency, not so much with the hours.

This teaches us that drastic body transformations are indeed possible. You may easily lose heart whenever you think of the time it will take to get the body that you want. You may think that nothing provides quick results. But as long as you are consistent, you can lose that weight. Chris emphasized this and you should apply this with a workout program that’s suitable for you.

Another thing to note is that you will not get results if you train without a plan. A good combination of a diet plan and a training program is what you need.

During the time of his transformation, he ate a lot of food. Of course, he was eating the right food this time so that his body was never on starvation mode. This means that starving yourself is not the only way to lose weight.

The calories your body is either used as energy or stored as fat. With that simple fact, the little choices you make every day actually matters. This makes discipline an important practice when it comes to weight loss.

Lastly, you may dismiss this transformation of his as unfair or biased because he is a Hollywood star. However, you don’t need to be rich or be a celebrity in order to get a superhero body. It just requires effort and consistency.

What You Need To Do

superhero bodyWhen it comes to your weight loss goals, you should have a deadline in mind. This happened to Chris Pratt. He nailed the audition to star in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie with flying colors. But director James Gunn was having a hard time picturing Chris as Star-Lord, the galactic outlaw main protagonist of the movie. This is because Pratt was still chubby at that time. Chris did not want to miss this multi-million dollar opportunity. So, he trained with the intent of improving his body after six months.

If you see that you are not getting the results you expected, it is recommended to seek professional advice. This will help you achieve your goals more effectively. Additionally, you may not feel overwhelmed by the information related to rapid weight loss. Worse, you may injure yourself if you don’t train properly. Before Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris needed to train for a role as a navy seal in Zero Dark Thirty. He had a shoulder injury and went on a surgery because he worked out too intensely.

You may also need to ignore the scale. Instead, focus on having a healthier lifestyle. Seeing the numbers go down as you step on the weighing scale is undeniably satisfying. However, this should not be the only thing that drives you. You will know you’re making progress because you will notice a lot of changes. You’re feeling better the whole day and you’re sleeping more soundly. You no longer feel exhausted easily. These and more are the benefits of being fit.

Find Other Means That Are Proven Effective

Thank yourself for finding time and effort to improve your body. Looking for ways that promote rapid weight loss might feel daunting. It might not be easy but know that you are not alone in this endeavor.

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