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Chia Seeds: Nutrient-dense Superfood that Promotes Ultimate Health

What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are known by many names such as California Chia, California Sage, Chia Pet Seed, and Chia Sage. These tiny seeds are harvested from Salvia hispanica of the Lamiaceae or mint family of the flowering plants. They are usually cultivated in Mexico and South America.  Salvia hispanica

Most people do not know the nutritional power of chia seeds. Past civilizations consumed them because of their beneficial properties.

Some argue that the Aztec people of ancient Mexico first cultivated the chia seeds. They incorporated the seeds in their everyday diet. Aztec warriors consumed chia during conquests to sustain their energy.

Other civilizations like the ancient Indians applied the seeds as a bandage for wounds and other injuries, and the Native American tribes of California utilized chia’s variation, Salvia columbariae, for medicinal purposes. 

Chia seeds have just regained its popularity among nutritionists in the last decade. Recent studies reported that they are good in building muscles, decreasing risk of heart disease, and lowering cholesterol.

These seeds, which are naturally black or white in color, are now deemed as a superfood, which only means that they are richer in nutrients than other foods.   

Chia seeds have high nutritional values

Whether you take it raw and whole or ground and add it to your favorite dishes, they are packed with nutrients– for one, they are super rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are much higher than what we get from salmon or tofu.

chia seeds

These nutritional contents are researched and certified by major universities in the United States like the University of Arizona. 

1. Fiber

The nutrient that is important in the digestive system is fiber, and the fiber content of chia seeds is rather high. One tablespoon of these seeds contains 5 grams of fiber. The fiber that is found in chia easily dissolves in water, which can also easily pass through the digestive system. The soluble fiber helps in lowering the bad cholesterol without lowering the good cholesterol.

2. Anti-oxidants

Oxidation is a chemical process that produces free radicals. Free radicals damage our body’s healthy cells. Studies have found that chia seeds are rich in anti-oxidants, which inhibits the process of oxidation. Moreover, studies have shown that anti-oxidants reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

3. Protein

Chia provides two grams of protein per tablespoon. Based on a 2,000-calorie diet, two grams of protein amount to 4% of the daily recommended value. Protein produces amino acids that help in building body muscle and tissues.  

4. Minerals

Chia seeds are an excellent source of minerals such as calcium, electrolytes, zinc, and iron.

Calcium is one of the key nutrients when it comes to building strong bones and teeth. One ounce of chia seeds contains 180 chia seedsmilligrams of calcium, which means that adding an ounce of chia to your favorite milkshake would give you around 500 milligrams of calcium. The calcium content in chia seeds is more than five times the amount of calcium of whole milk.

The seeds are also a good source of electrolytes that help regulate fluid and are important for muscle function.

Chia seeds are also rich in zinc that are usually found in beef. Zinc helps in protein synthesis, wound healing, and immune function. Iron, which is also found in meats, is likewise found in moderate amounts in chia seeds.    

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the body and must be obtained from food. The main omega-3 fatty acids are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). We can obtain ALA from plants, vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds, while EPA and DHA come from fish and fish oils. When the body receives ALA, it converts it to ELA and DHA. This process has important health benefits like the reduction of risk factors for heart disease, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The oil content of chia amounts to 25% to 35%, which contains a great amount of ALA. A tablespoon of chia seeds contains 2.5 grams of ALA, compared to the 0.4 to 0.7 grams of ALA found in a ½ cup of tofu.

10 ways to add chia seeds to your diet

Now that you know the super nutrients found in the superfood chia seeds, below are some of the ways to incorporate chia seeds to your diet.

▪ Add chia seeds to lemon water.

▪ Sprinkle them on cold or hot cereal.

▪ Make a chia gel by soaking chia seeds in water for 30 minutes. You can make smoothies with chia gel. smoothie

▪ Incorporate chia seeds into baking. Grind chia seeds and mix with flour, eggs, and milk to make cookies and pancakes.

▪ Soak the seeds in milk with cinnamon and raisins to make a porridge.

▪ Blend them into your yogurt.

▪ Mix ground chia seeds with ground pork or beef to make meatballs.

▪ Sprinkle over a salad or add seeds to salad dressings.  

▪ Soak chia seeds in beaten eggs for ten minutes to make omelets.

▪ Mix ground seeds with Nutella or peanut butter to make a spread.  

Restoriix features the superfood chia seeds

restoriixAriix, the global leader in health and wellness, gives you the best supplement to get all the nutrients you need. Under the Nutrifii line of products, Ariix offers Restoriix.

Restoriix by Nutrifii is a natural cleansing supplement that helps remove free radicals and heavy metals from the body.

It features a mixture of zeolites, chlorella, chia seeds, and other superfoods, that help in binding with toxic substances and flushing them out of the body while maintaining the body’s natural pH levels.

Restoriix’s ingredients are all organic and natural, ensuring that what you are taking is 100% safe.

With the help of the nutrients and vitamins, the effects of chia seeds would be optimized greatly.

How to take Restoriix

Take one scoop (4.56 grams) of Restoriix per day with water or juice. It is best taken an hour before meals. For more intense cleansing, take one scoop twice daily.

Allow two hours before or after taking any medications, since activated charcoal may interfere with the absorption of your medication.

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How to Detox Your Body For a Healthier You

We hear a lot about various ways of cleansing or how to detox your body. But the more you hear several different suggestions from everyone, the more you will get confused especially if you are a beginner.

detoxTo start off,  you need to know what detox is all about. According to Dr. Sylvie Beljanskie, Founder and Vice-President of the Beljanski Foundation, detoxification is a holistic way to keep your mind and body healthy. She added that its aim is to eliminate all the negative effects on the body from the environment such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, additives in our food, secondary smoke, pollutants, and heavy metals included.

Next, you need to know what you can do. Of course, you should get to answer the question “How do I begin?” How do you begin on this holistic approach of being healthy physically and mentally? Just as you focus on the food that you eat and proper exercise, there are many other elements to living your best and healthiest lifestyle. Let’s start with the simplest yet top of the list effective ways of getting the bad toxins and welcoming in the elements that your body needs.

How to Detox Your Body

  1. Switch to Organic Foods

At the first place, what do we mean with “Organic Foods?” Organic foods are those produced without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, preservatives or any antibiotics or growth hormones.

USDA organic

You can be guided by the USDA labels on products, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) established an organic certification program that requires all organic foods to meet strict government standards. These regulate how such foods are grown, handled and processed.

Any product labeled as organic on the product description or packaging must be USDA certified. If it is certified, the producer may also use an official USDA Organic seal.

When possible, it’s still best to turn to organic foods. You don’t have to eat only organic. But there are certain foods where this is a necessity. By and large, the rule of thumb goes that if you eat the peel of a fruit or vegetable that you should really opt for organic. Tomatoes, strawberries, and apples are some of the good examples of the types of foods where “organic” really does matter.

When you pick the right organic foods it will help you get rid of the toxins which can be harmful to your health. Knowing how to detox your body is vital to health. This is one simple way of detoxifying. And of course, ditch the packaged, processed foods today (even the “healthy” versions). This will ensure you are taking out excess sodium, artificial ingredients, and sugar from your diet. Also, say no to the salt shaker and instead use only herbs and spices to flavor your food. You will find that this can help make a big difference in how you look and feel. All it takes is making better choices at the grocery.

  1. Get a good massage

At the top of most minds, massage is a relaxing luxury, It can be true in some instances. Though massage is a nice way of treating yourself, it also happens to be a good means on how to detox your body too. It’s the type that you get and the way you use this to improve your health.

massage-detoxIn order to get rid of toxins in the body, you definitely have to get a good intense massage. It focuses greatly on the pressure points in your body. A typical Swedish massage is also fine. But something more intense and focused like a Sports massage can be better. Make sure a registered massage therapist does it for you. Let the therapist get deep into the muscle tissues. Pushing on pressure points or spots where toxins tend to build up gives them a chance to be released. With this, there is natural detoxification. And this helps you to get rid of some of the things internally that may have been making you weak or sick.

Don’t do it just once in a blue moon. Get into this as a regular habit so that you will feel a very positive effect from it such as relaxation at the core.

  1. Drink more water

Surely, one thing that can easily and naturally help how to detox your body is water. Take your water intake to a whole new level. Even if you think that you are drinking enough water in a day, drink more.

water detoxWater helps in flushing out the unwanted in your system naturally. The more you drink, the more toxins are removed from the body through urination and perspiration. Proper water intake can contribute to weight loss. It can also help in naturally busting wrinkles, stopping headaches and dizziness, clearing your skin, fighting infections, keeping your bowel movement regular, making your exercise better, improving concentration, supporting the heart and boosting your energy. Thus, this one simple substance offers a big help to our entire body and its functions.

Even after you get that intense massage, it is advised to drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins which have been pushed to make sure they totally leave the body right away.

  1. Replace a meal daily with a detoxifying drink.

As we are in a world that too often feels out of balance plus constant stress from hectic schedules with too much-processed foods and environmental pollutants, it’s crystal clear to understand why our bodies are suffering unhealthy consequences. All this toxicity may be causing your body’s systems to function at less-than-optimal levels. And when your systems are under stress and out of balance, they can’t work efficiently. Thus, at that point your body needs detoxification.

Another good example on how to detox your body can be to replace one meal a day with a detoxifying drink. For example, a detoxifying smoothie. Turning to a smoothie for one of your meals is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism and to kick your digestive system into overdrive. You will notice that natural energy that you feel and you will also enjoy that some of the symptoms that you suffer from daily are gone with this natural boost.

how to detox your body

One partner you can absolutely turn into is the Restoriix Dietary Supplement. Restoriix has been formulated by ARIIX to help you with your body detox. It is a natural cleansing supplement that promotes the removal of free radicals and heavy metals from your systems and helps restore good health and vitality. It features a combination of zeolite, charcoal, and nutrient-dense superfoods such as Chlorella and Chia seeds.

Zeolites in Restoriix

Zeolite offers a safe, natural and non-toxic answer to potential heavy metal saturated imbalance. Another ingredient is the activated charcoal of willow tree bark. It acts like a sponge, attracting harmful presences within your body. It binds them and politely escorts them out of your body. One nutrient-dense superfood like Chlorella, which is present in the supplement as well, is a supreme antioxidant with the ability to remove toxins from your body. It also supports healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and immunity function. Another pure food ingredient, Chia seeds provide an abundant source of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidant properties.

Just mix one scoop (3.9 grams) per day with water or preferred juice, 1 hour before meals. If you already get used to it, you can then take it to the next level. For more intense cleansing, you can take one scoop two times a day.

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Restoriix contains a restorative blend of minerals and superfoods that promotes natural cleansing.

Body Cleansing

Restoriix by NutrifiiIf you’re looking for the most effective way to detoxify and cleanse your body while maintaining the body’s right pH levels, then Restoriix by Nutrifii is the perfect choice.

Detoxification and body cleansing is important to make sure our body flushes out toxins and cleanses out our body. When our body is cleansed naturally, free radicals and heavy metals from our body systems are removed which can help restore good health and vitality.

Detoxification or detox for short is the process that our body goes through to remove toxic substances in the body. This process is primarily done in the liver. Body detox is important so our body stays protected from diseases and for us to attain optimum health.


zeoliteRestoriix contains zeolite, a safe, natural, and non-toxic answer to potential heavy metal saturated imbalance. But what are these zeolites? Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals. These minerals are formed when volcanic rocks and ash react with water. So what is its importance? Zeolite is a very good compound for detoxification. It can remove heavy metals in our body that may cause imbalances. The mineral absorbs and releases different types of chemicals, nutrients, and ions, depending on what your body needs. It has been said that it almost works the same as one of the most popular detoxifying agents – activated charcoal.

This mineral also works as a great antioxidant. It can improve liver function and digestion. Overall, zeolites are effective in removing toxins in the body without putting your body at risk for electrolyte imbalance. It filters the nutrients, chemicals, and ions needed by the body, as well as flushing out heavy, toxic minerals that can be harmful to our body. According to studies, it can also help purify the blood and help in lead detoxification.


Another major ingredient in this powerful detoxifying supplement is Chlorella. Chlorella is a supreme antioxidant which also works as a detoxifying agent. It can bind to toxins and remove them from your body. Aside from this, chlorella also helps you regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also boosts your immune system function.

chlorellaChlorella is also rich in phytonutrients, amino acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, bioactive substances, dietary fiber, and other vitamins and minerals, therefore making it to the list of superfoods. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help boost your body’s immune system. It makes the body more resistant to infections. Chlorella also promotes healthy digestion. Other benefits of chlorella include weight loss and increase in energy levels. It can increase vitality and helps decrease fatigue.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the most popular compounds for detoxification. The activated charcoal added in Restoriix is specifically from the willow tree bark. It works like a sponge, attracting and absorbing harmful chemicals and toxins in our bodies, bonding to them, and flushing them out to keep our body clean and healthy.

Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal not only aids in detoxification of our body. It has various uses that can also help our body stay healthy. It can alleviate gas and bloat. You can get relief for a toothache with the use of Activated Charcoal. One of its major functions in the body is to lower cholesterol which can reduce the risk of heart diseases and reverse the hardening of the arteries. Activated charcoal can help normalize high cholesterol levels and also normalize fat metabolism.

As a detoxifying agent, it can be a universal antidote for poison. In cases of food poisoning or drug contamination in your food or drinks, or accidental ingestion of harmful substances such as mercury, arsenic, venom, gasoline, etc., activated charcoal can absorb up to 2000 times its own weight.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are abundant with a whole lot of nutrients. It is a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids. It can help increase the good cholesterol in our body. These good cholesterols help our body in preventing heart attack and stroke.

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidant. These antioxidants can help boost the immune system function of our body. It can help fight free radicals in the body and also help get rid of harmful compounds in our body, which may weaken our body, making it prone to diseases.

Chia seeds are also rich in fiber and other minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium. These can help in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body and also regulate bowel function. It aids in digestion and helps flush out toxins in the body, which makes it a very good ingredient for detoxification.

Organic Ginger Root Powder

Ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties that can boost the immune system of the body. It can also aid in digestion and help in detoxification. It has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a natural remedy. This herb can boost the body’s blood circulation, regulating the body’s blood pressure. It is a great natural remedy for indigestion. Ginger root can also boost your liver health, helping in proper detoxification of the body.

ARIIX, the global leader in health and wellness, has formulated the perfect supplement for detoxification and body cleansing. Detoxification doesn’t have to be tedious. Imagine all these powerful ingredients in one supplement, Restoriix.

not only cleanses and detoxifies your body. It also ensures that the body maintains the right pH levels. Some detox regimens may affect your electrolyte balance, but with Restoriix, you don’t need to worry about that. Your body’s pH levels are balanced are ensured with Restoriix.

Restoriix’s ingredients are all organic and natural, ensuring that what you are taking is 100% safe. These ingredients help boost the body’s natural cleansing processes. It has a well-blended mixture of zeolites, chlorella, chia seeds, and other superfoods, that help in binding with toxic substances and flushing them out of the body while maintaining the body’s normal and natural pH levels.

This product aims to give a healthier body and a stronger immune system.

To read more about the product, click Restoriix by Nutrifii, and please check out our Facebook page for more health and wellness inspiration.

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